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R.a.m Safes Company Ltd. was founded in 1999 by Roy Ben-David, a consultant specializing in the design safes protection systems, both simple and complex. 

The company specializes in professional solutions in the field of safes and protection systems, and it offers its customers a wealth of experience and know-how widely.

Roy Ben-David have over 25 years of experience and reputation in the field of safes, during which he also worked as a planner of safes. 

During this period he was an active participant in Research and Development team who made the vault and locking mechanisms advanced society. 

over the years he coordinated the subject of service Company customers, including advanced things known hacks safes. 

Today, alongside his job at R.a.m safes, Roy also serves as an expert witness for the provision of legal opinion in matters of safety deposit boxes.

R.a.m Safes Ltd provides its customers with comprehensive professional services in the field of safes . 

Our services include: 

professional advice and design protection systems of any kind: one from a vault safes to embedded systems. 

Consulting and planning services are objective, and are intended solely to serve the needs of the customer. Consultations include requirements analysis and definition of customer protection, and building an effective response to a given budget.

Supply of safes tailored according to customer needs. In many cases, the company offers a range of solutions from a supply of safe deposit boxes in the market. 

Maintenance services safes, including: breaking safes, repairs, supply and installation of spare parts, maintenance, installation of locking mechanisms digital systems delay and more.

Expansion function safes and upgrading levels of protection higher, required from time to time. 

R.a.m Safes Ltd is the exclusive representative in Israel of the giant conglomerate Gunebbo safes, safes at the bottom center of well-known, reputable and reputation for hundreds of years, such as: ChubbSafes, ROSENGRENS, Fichet-Baush and more. Also, R.a.m safes is an importer of American LaGard company locks and imports mechanical locks and digital safes of Kaba.

R.a.m Safes Ltd. currently serves a variety of clients in various industrial sectors: diamonds and jewelry, government corporations, and other financial institutions. 

This follows solid experience gained with the company working directly with organizations such as: Bank of Israel, Bank Leumi, the soldier Treasury, Postal Service, Brinks, social security, aerospace industry branches and various security establishments. 

We also invite you to join the circle of our satisfied customers.

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