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As is well known home safes to keep your documents, money and jewels. It often happens that the insurance company wants to install safes due to high jewelry value. But in fact if you install safes by insurance requirement really you will be protected from stealing jewelry and really you are covered by insurance ?, that is the question you need to thoroughly check every insurance company because of different conditions and sometimes even the small print you will spend bald from all sides.

Our office is now becoming more and more digital. Almost no paperwork yet often necessary in a fireproof safe office paper. What is it impossible to keep paperwork on computers, why all this is necessary to the safe and a safety deposit box selected are just some of the questions we ask ourselves about the office in a fireproof safe.

Safes aim to keep the innocent expensive from unauthorized access or theft. Common to see businesses with professional safes are jewelry business. Jewelry businesses are often very high values ​​of goods must be protected from theft. The jewelry store professional vaults standard cost. The average thief would have great difficulty to break into safes are designed for jewelry because there cost traps include safeguards against hacking.

Safe operation is well known that one should make certain this operation, the unit of the safe is to deal with Gennep meet her !, as Vault will be higher quality so long durability of the safe to the intruder will be longer. Simple and easy to understand just like a bodybuilder lifting weights, it may be stronger than that will raise more weight. But there is considerable hesitation when choosing a safe home, office, business and the general. The dilemma is due to the reason that there are so many types and locks that it's difficult to know what is good and what is less.

Security and Protection business niches and are perhaps the most critical and significant in any business, and today, even private houses and apartments. What once seemed to us except expensive and not useful moves toward a service and even became the basis for mandatory wherever there is at least one item of value.

Service breakthrough vault is between services at the most sensitive and delicate area of ​​giving and receive services, due Index importance Wharf high importance at the transaction due to the great responsibility and great power, such as personal information and knowledge about the home, the residents, the business and operations of each. Therefore, the locksmiths pass certification tests and reviews accreditation and reliability in a controlled and extremely tight level of government and organs resulting in many cases in which customers have fallen victim to professionals unreliable and charlatans, especially in this area.

How to find locks professional and reliable, and how can we know without a doubt that they have the approval of the government and security and original? What is important at the approval of government and how it is possible and advisable to locate locksmiths these days which is very difficult to rely not only on the locksmith yours but also next door - do all that is possible and whether there is such a thing - Service Locksmiths 'safe'?

Services breakthrough safes the south

south of the country known as one of the most difficult areas, not only in terms of finding quality service providers at reasonable prices, but also because burglaries in the area is significantly higher and from different areas in the country. As a result of the sensitivity and the extreme tension in many, many customers fall victim to locksmiths unskilled workers who learned the profession on the road and do not have any certificate or certified true.

Despite all this, many customers are still unaware of the importance of the issue and do not realize the importance of choosing a locksmith and burglar safes government approval. In other words, the approval of the security and rescue forces.

Even if the price is slightly higher, it is very important to insist that, especially in southern insist receive services of a professional locksmith qualified and familiar use to prevent burglaries mystery whether at home or on the vault.

Does any locksmith needs government approval outbreak safes?

Yes! All locksmith in every field whether the outbreak safes and whether breaking doors, apartments, businesses, etc., need government approval, namely approval of the security forces locks approval, which includes a certificate signed certification by the security forces requires valid. Surely locksmith will deal with in the field without having to renew his license.

Work and activities in this field will necessarily valid license and therefore, it is very important to investigate the issue, especially when it comes to locksmith and the burglar safes.

Breakthrough services Safes - those This is required?

needed breakthrough safes for businesses, organizations and individuals who have forgotten their password, lost keys or were visiting a burglar broke the lock. In cases of burglary after we called the police is very important to replace the lock and ensure the consent of the locksmith. It is very easy to fall into the trap of charlatans and it is very difficult to get out.

Yes, especially if you broke into the safe, it is important to take care of replacing the lock and safe protection for a qualified professional licensed by the security forces sellers governmental organizations.

Article was written courtesy of Avishai locksmith - locksmith Be'er Sheva

The inside safes can protect sacred Torah scrolls and prevent external damage from fire, heaven forbid holy books, holy books attempted theft, burglary or desecration of books.

Holy Ark safes are manufactured in an ideal match needs:

Usually when we talk about safes intention is to keep valuables, the first association is jewelry, silver and gold. But this is the case not only for this used safes. Safes are also used to maintain the paper, binders, weapons and magnetic media. Safes are designed to maintain the paperwork are characterized by their ability to delay combustion (with standard safes safes course not cheap imported from China, it is important to make sure the matter with the seller), the combustion delay does not prevent the penetration of the fire to follow it by creating isolation between the fire out and paperwork in a safe. Today it is customary to use fireproof safes synagogues to bull the Torah scrolls from thieves and fire.

What are safes Ministry of Defense specifications?

Ministry of Defense specification Safe Deposit Box is manufactured in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Defense.

Defense Ministry stated specifications for protecting the paperwork and computer hardware as any specification refers to the degree of importance - Save, secret and top secret.

What designation of the Ministry of Defense specification safes?

safes Ministry of Defense specification are intended as any to keep its contents safe from thieves or burglars.

usually when a particular business or company has classified data or related to the Ministry of Defence then got a requirement to store the same paper or magnetic media special vaults built in accordance with precise specifications and rigorous.

types of safes Ministry of Defense specification: Specification Keep


safe basic specification Defense Ministry called 'safe lists Save the Defense Ministry,' this basic safe in terms of construction and in terms of its protection .

Safe Keep specification Defense Ministry built tin 3 mm and 6 mm tin door lock safe

specification Defense Ministry will keep a dual key lock with teeth and mechanical combination.

secret specifications:

Ministry of Defense specification Safe Specifications secret is safe heavy armored double sides whose sons built concrete vault door may also double walls with concrete between them.

will lock the vault by double key lock and combination lock teeth.

top secret specifications:

safe Specification Office Top Secret security specification is a safe confidential specification inserted into a closet like a safe specification sheet Save.

every door is locked separately by a double key teeth and mechanical combination.

to get the exact specifications of the Ministry of Defense specification safes, contact the Ministry of Defense acceptance.

important to note that safety deposit boxes and safes specification including the Ministry of Defense in particular must be approved by the authorized parties. And the manufacturer must issue the relevant certificates.

Specification safes anchoring Defense Ministry:

anchoring the safes must be made to a concrete slab at the bottom of the safe or alternatively cast steel plate floor and then make a safe welding of this board.