The inside safes can protect sacred Torah scrolls and prevent external damage from fire, heaven forbid holy books, holy books attempted theft, burglary or desecration of books.

Holy Ark safes are manufactured in an ideal match needs:

A. Locking mechanism - There vaults mechanical locking mechanism which allows opening and closing on Saturdays and holidays without violating the Sabbath - that the use of the Ark on Saturday will not be a problem.

B. Approvals and Certifications - All safes are tested by rabbis and authorized parties. Cabinets can be used in synagogues, private homes and elsewhere, the election of the general public, the local rabbi, or other entity.

C. Size - there is a very wide range of safes Holy Ark in different sizes.
The common characteristic is the use of quality raw materials, heavy and flexible, allowing complete protection on arks large sizes, small and non-standard.

D. Fire protection - safety deposit holy ark will always be fireproof, so that if, God forbid, synagogue or place where the Ark is placed on fire it will remain stable and sound after the fire and holy books came away with

Why have safes?

Wooden Ark is protects the sacred objects and can cause irreversible damage in the event of a fire outbreak and fire.
In recent years, awareness of the churches in the world for buying arks armored and refractories, replacing the old framework of the Holy Ark in a safe and reliable quality. Or alternatively arks which among them are safes in order not to damage the design.

Vault can be combined with personal lockers in all sizes, add an armored upper chamber Torah scroll or select a lower chamber prayer shawls, caps and tefillin, according to the requirements.

Ark contains precious objects with symbolic meaning, spiritual, religious and economic. The only way to prevent access to holy objects is through a dedicated safe. There is no reason to give up the perfect defense which the Holy Ark safes provide plus you can order them custom made according to customer demand.

Some useful to compare the protection solutions according to the following criteria:

raw materials detonators

sizes styles and colors

safes Holy Ark ensure peace of mind and a synagogue calm and creates a deterrent against advocates of evil, as we all know Torah scrolls are very expensive and attempted theft of their many.

safe standing for many years, and it is sold by companies that offer consulting services, maintenance and, if necessary, even a break. Vault keeps the precious Holy cabinets from burglaries and fires and proves itself every synagogue.

So if you want Ark safe and worry-free peace of mind should already now invite Ark safes in your synagogues and be sure that your Torah scrolls in safe hands