What is meant by heavy doors?

Heavy doors better known as armored doors they are doors that protect large spaces.

For example when we want to store many weapons or large amounts of valuables are unable to use regular vault storage for small rooms so we use armored burglary which The doors are installed heavy.

what designation of heavy doors?

heavy doors designation is meant to protect large spaces for burglary, we see heavy doors banks.

Another example is the purpose heavy doors Meeting weapons, weapons that store room where weapons, and military equipment or other heavy charged at the door to prevent unwanted access factors.

sometimes we want to protect valuable equipment physical size does not allow the use of regular heavy vaults and then build a dedicated room reinforced concrete and interior space expected in steel tables, entrance to this room heavy door installers protected by locking mechanisms and traps.

how heavy door built?

heavy doors were different and distinct level of protection, weight, and the designation of the door (that is what it protects).

but plot outline all the heavy doors are double-hull - that is external steel layer and a layer of steel or tin pour Internal including various materials such as concrete, steel plates, copper, aluminum or ceramic. Materials between the sides are designed to make it difficult for the thief \ intruder to penetrate the least by tools or cutting tools and welding.

In addition to the content of the walls are installed in the door locking mechanisms. Locking mechanisms also make it difficult for the thief, there are mechanical locking mechanisms such as keys or combinations, and there are mechanisms such as electronic digital keyboard.

Heavy doors also installed traps that prevent the outbreak of external power door traps often stepping the bolts and prevent them from moving.

Anchor heavy doors:

heavy doors must be installed and anchored by a professional team, inadequate anchoring can facilitate the break and moreover can cause poor anchoring the door to fall or be pulled from the wall. Anchor ensure professional duty by competent trained this work.