As is well known home safes to keep your documents, money and jewels. It often happens that the insurance company wants to install safes due to high jewelry value. But in fact if you install safes by insurance requirement really you will be protected from stealing jewelry and really you are covered by insurance ?, that is the question you need to thoroughly check every insurance company because of different conditions and sometimes even the small print you will spend bald from all sides.

Ask safes at home, what does this mean for you?

Well if you have been asked to install safes in then there is a great variety of types of safes, what works for you which you choose ?. First in most cases the insurance company dictates exactly what you need depending on the values ​​of your jewelry. First remember that there is a ratio of values ​​sputum please keep it and is the ratio of the contents of the house value and the value of the jewelry itself. This will generally be between 25 and one-third from the contents means that for every 100 thousand content about 30-35 thousand jewels, if you have gone through so do not trust you. They have home safes sizes and dimensions that vary depending on the level of their protection. But here too, you have to realize that there is market Safes real-cost imported from the East is about 100-300 NIS but sell them and declare them to be tempted because of different price and ask any case the paperwork confirming the level of anchoring. Ask licenses as well as the protection indicated by the level of protection of the safe.

Only strong safes suitable anchor

not enough that you get safes with a high standard, even owning a heavy weight as long as you have not installed them correctly. Obligation to correct installation charge for the safe extraction prevention or just taking it away. Remember that the safe came into place in a certain way and in the same way you can also take it, so please take care to make a high quality and professional installation would be carried out by authorized installers. Anchoring must be concrete wall or concrete floor, not the wall or the floor paved with blocks !, Such anchoring is considered impaired and might as well not be. When anchoring wall or floor blocks very easy to pull the safe and pull it off. Anchoring quality of safes is by screws or anchors jumbo Phillips into a wall or concrete floor. This will ensure that only high-quality fixation.