Safe sample krypton is the result of advanced development designed to provide protection at a high level and professional against a combination of means of hacking, including: cutting flamethrower, CDs, Congo and cutting tools for various safes are built and designed mainly for export to the US market and market diamond and jewelry Israel safes are designed for use in business with content values ​​are high. 


US federal government chose us to provide centralized safes high level of protection.

safes built according to the specifications of the new Israeli Standard 5401 Part 2

level of protection with the standard A1 and American Standard -btkn UL Standard ULTRTL15x6 level.

locking system and latches are locked by mechanical combination lock or electronic engaging them through a sophisticated electronic system PIN six Sfrot.omognot by sophisticated glass traps greatly impede the break.

locked vault by double bolts 40 mm each, installed in a safe mechanism for granting protection optimal.

You can add a mechanical combination lock, and \ or sophisticated


 lock is opened through a personal fingerprint achieve optimum safety and compartmentalized Open this Lock personal level based on accurate identification technology frees users from dependence on key (which is lost or which can be stolen \ copy ....