Series safes is intended to provide a solution that reinforcement and offices operating level high and protection against theft and burglary of a burglar casual and designed for the protection of confidential information, words Arc.hcsfot built and designed for integration within the office environment and home,

safes are designed for use in businesses, institutions and the use of a private home in accordance ' the requirements for insurance companies .aigon concrete wall safe suitable potential will significantly improve protection against theft.

thick steel vault is made of 5 mm and 8 mm body steel door

, safe weight specially built to respond to insurance companies .hcsft locked by electronic digital combination lock engaging them through a sophisticated electronic system PIN six figures ..

safe double locked by bolts 40 mm each, installed in a safe mechanism for granting optimal protection.

can be replaced the lock is opened through sophisticated biometric fingerprint personally achieve optimum safety and compartmentalized Open this Lock personal level based on accurate identification technology frees users from dependence on key (which is lost or be stolen \ copy.