Star series fire safes providing fire protection for documents against use in business, institutions, and also for use in a private home.

Safe is manufactured steel external and internal rigid 3 mm thick when the contents of the sides has a special fire-resistant material.

Locking system and latches are locked by the electronic combination lock engaging them through a sophisticated electronic system PIN six figures. The location of the hidden electronic lock makes it difficult for its detection option and the drilling in order to eliminate the locked safe locking

double bolts diameter by 30 M'mcl one, installed in a safe mechanism for granting optimal protection.
can be added as an option key lock lock and \ or mechanical combination lock, and \ or sophisticated biometric lock is opened through a personal fingerprint achieve optimum safety and compartmentalized Open this Lock personal level based on accurate identification technology frees users from dependence on key (which is lost or be stolen \ copy).

Our developers are leading the world in protecting against burglary. Point.

We recommend to mount the safe to the floor and / or wall from the inside - we recommend the installation of a concrete wall safe (safe room wall) or a concrete floor with suitable anchor bolts to harden the safe extraction.