Safe operation is well known that one should make certain this operation, the unit of the safe is to deal with Gennep meet her !, as Vault will be higher quality so long durability of the safe to the intruder will be longer. Simple and easy to understand just like a bodybuilder lifting weights, it may be stronger than that will raise more weight. But there is considerable hesitation when choosing a safe home, office, business and the general. The dilemma is due to the reason that there are so many types and locks that it's difficult to know what is good and what is less.

What it really safe?

Aims to prevent access to the contents. There is a wide range of safes, some of which differ in weight, some type of lock, door or wall thickness and all of them are called wrongly safes.

Exact definition vault: a container security to save money, jewelery, valuables and documents. Her defense is against theft, damage or access of unwanted elements such as burglar or thief. It is built mostly in the form of a hollow box, which one side is used as a door to the content. Body and door are made mostly of metal such as iron or cast 2 sheets between them pour concrete and drilling hard materials. One of the important things safe is the lock, which is used as a means of security and access to safe content. The lock can be mechanical, electrical, digital or some biometric safes There are several security mechanisms and locks. Many times fixed wall safes cast concrete or concrete itself, to make it harder for Gnivtn and Fritztn later. Banks, Watash- diamonds, and electronics factories and large institutions often have whole rooms used one large vault security door includes protected. The safe and proper tests passed successfully position. Device type and level of protection stamped on the box.

If this is a safe setting what are all the others?

Each tin, steel or any other material that does not meet the exact definition above is not safe. While not always necessary with standard safes, sometimes heavy enough tin box with a locking mechanism that makes it difficult for her opening, but this is not real protection, connection is only in appearance. The question you need to ask yourself is whether what you put in is really important to you? Really a sentimental or monetary value, if the answer is yes, do not compromise on less facility. The moment of truth Install justify the price.