Usually when we talk about safes intention is to keep valuables, the first association is jewelry, silver and gold. But this is the case not only for this used safes. Safes are also used to maintain the paper, binders, weapons and magnetic media. Safes are designed to maintain the paperwork are characterized by their ability to delay combustion (with standard safes safes course not cheap imported from China, it is important to make sure the matter with the seller), the combustion delay does not prevent the penetration of the fire to follow it by creating isolation between the fire out and paperwork in a safe. Today it is customary to use fireproof safes synagogues to bull the Torah scrolls from thieves and fire.

Arks to protect the sacred Torah scrolls

Unfortunately these days the thief has no chance to make queasy margins and faster. So one of the things are valuable Torah scrolls are synagogues. In order to protect them from thieves store them in safes. Apparently we do not notice if it is a holy closet or the safe, the difference seems only after we remove the curtain and opened the cabinet doors. We have discovered behind steel doors that are locked up most often by key and mechanical combination mechanism. These safes are built with double sides statute has a combustion surveillance material such as mineral wool, mica or powder. If, God forbid, a fire breaks out the fire delayed from entering, and the intention is to delay until they Firefighters put out the fire.

Size safes

Holy Ark in the Holy Ark safes are designed to be the size usually comes from the amount of books them we put in, it is important to note that there is a difference between books with Spanish Version Ashkenaz both in school and in terms of diameter Height book. Expect the interior space with own or velvet to give an impressive sight, the exterior of wood shaped vault expect to give an expression of respect. At the top there is a bar that serves veil. It is prohibited to operate the mechanism of the combination on Saturday but only the key to leave the mechanism open before the Sabbath and only use the key for embezzlement safes. Double lock is used for security against thieves.