Safes series is designed to provide a high level of protection and professionally built and designed primarily to address the grief offices, safes are designed for use in businesses, institutions and private use in accordance with the requirements of the insurance companies.

Rigid steel produced safe and special concrete pours

similar to the American standard safes. Vault Built of steel and made from 50 mm thick shielding body safe and 50 mm thick vault door lock Touch tools and latches are locked by a mechanical combination lock and key lock system protected by traps - can be installed electronic combination lock plus price.

safes built according specification of the Israeli standard new 5401 Part 2

level of protection equivalent to amend C1 and parallel to US Standard - level standard TL15.

lock system and latches are locked by combination lock with mechanical and protected by traps glass sophisticated impede agree on the break, you can combine electronic lock-mail engaging them through a sophisticated electronic system PIN six figures ..

safe double locked by bolts 40 mm each, installed in a safe mechanism for granting optimal protection.

can be added, sophisticated biometric lock with pop-up ' the personal fingerprint achieve optimum safety and compartmentalized Open this Lock personal level based on accurate identification technology frees users from dependence on key (which is lost or be stolen \ copy.